Sunday, October 14, 2018

First, since there are new subscribers, I wanted to re-share my “Best of the Best” lists from the third quarter for anyone who missed it. There are some great episodes to scroll through: Books | Business | Sports | The Rest

There were a ton of great episodes this week.

Today we have one of the all time best short-sellers, a double dose of bitcoin, why we should make our lives like a video game, and a 3 part mini-series on China’s experiment with a new social credit system.

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  • ***Must Listen*** The Meb Faber Show: #125 — Tom Barton — The Biggest Problem Investors Have is Things Change…and They Don’t Change. This is probably my favorite episode Faber has done. Barton is a great short-seller who had incredible performance and tells tons of fascinating stories of shorting stocks and exposing frauds. He also talks about how he’s now turned his focus to gene therapy firms, including Intrexon ($XON). [October 10, 2018–1 hour, 25 minutes] iTunes Podcast| Overcast | Stitcher | Website Link
  • This Week In Startups: E863: Optimism breaks barriers: Omaze CEO Matt Pohlson. Pohlson is the founder of Omaze, which allows you to purchase raffle tickets for different amazing experiences with the proceeds going towards charity. Think of Omaze as Charity Buzz but with raffles instead of auctions, and because of this, he is able to raise a lot more money. He discusses how seeing an auction to spend time with Magic Johnson inspired him to found the company, how the company makes a profit, lessons he’s learned, and his recent near death experience. Great episode![October 9 2018–1 hour, 26 minutes] iTunes Podcast| Spotify | Overcast | Stitcher | Website Link
  • Capital Allocators: Michael Batnick — The Best Investors and Their Biggest Mistakes. Batnick is the author of Big Mistakes: The Best Investors and Their Worst Investments. They talk about his roundabout way through college to Ritholtz Wealth Management, his blog, and then some of the stories from the book, including Jesse Livermore and Jack Vogel and how he can apply lessons from the book with clients. I think this is the best episode with Batnick about his book to date. [October 8, 2018–29 minutes] iTunes Podcast| Spotify | Overcast | Stitcher | Website Link
  • Bogleheads On Investing Podcast: Episode 002 — Special Guest Dr. David Blitzer. Blitzer is the Managing Director and Chairman of the Index Committee at S&P Dow Jones Indices. He discusses how his job has changed as a result of the influx into passive investing and the decisions to add or remove stocks from the indices with the recent removal of GE as an example. They also talk about the price weighting of the Dow Jones, requirements for stocks to be in the S&P 500, and how the different sectors are divided.[October 5, 2018–49 minutes] iTunes Podcast| Overcast | Stitcher | Website Link


  • Invest Like The Best: Saifedean Ammous — The Bitcoin Standard. Ammous is the author of The Bitcoin Standard: The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banking. This was a great conversation about crypto — and they didn’t discuss bitcoin or crypto specifically for the first 20 minutes. The conversation revolved around the concept of money, the idea of your current self vs. your future self, the gold standard, and some of the major positives of bitcoin (finite amount and difficult to change) .[October 8, 2018–1 hour, 9 minutes] iTunes Podcast| Spotify | Overcast | Stitcher | Website Link
  • Off The Chain with Anthony Pompliano: Downtown Josh Brown: Where Does Crypto Fit in Your Portfolio. Brown is the CEO of Ritholtz Wealth Management and has a large following on Twitter (Downtown Josh Brown) his blog, The Reformed Broker. Brown and Pompliano discuss Brown’s unique background, what he speaks about at conferences in regard to crypto, and how advisors should approach conversations with their clients when asked about crypto. They wrap the conversation with Josh talking about growing his Twitter following and his experience blogging. [October 10, 2018–1 hour, 8 minutes] iTunes Podcast| Overcast | Website Link

The Rest

  • ***Must Listen*** North Star Podcast: Daniel Gross: Dreams and Determination. Gross is a partner at Y Combinator and provides a lot of great insights during the episode. First and foremost, his idea of treating life as a video game to create environments that allow for flow experiences was great. They discuss a broad number of topics, including lessons taken from John D. Rockefeller and why the U.S. is is so innovative compared to other countries (Gross is from Israel so has unique insights to this) .[October 10, 2018–1 hour, 7 minutes] iTunes Podcast| Overcast | Website Link
  • Planet Money: #680: Anatomy Of A Scam. If you’ve ever seen one of the signs saying “Work at Home” and wondered what those were truly about, this is your episode. The story of these are huge scams is horrifying — and well worth the listen. [October 2, 2018–23 minutes] iTunes Podcast| Spotify | Overcast | Website Link

**Must Listen** Mini-Series

The Indicator from Planet Money had a 3 part mini-series about China’s new social credit system. They give an overview of how it works, what happens when it’s deemed you haven’t paid back loans, what happens as a result (your face appearing on billboards saying you’re on the blacklist), and what you can do to try and improve your score. This is a fascinating look into what the future could look like. The episode are listed in order below.




Here to bring you podcast suggestions. Twitter → @colby__donovan

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Colby Donovan

Colby Donovan

Here to bring you podcast suggestions. Twitter → @colby__donovan

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