Sunday, December 16, 2018

Today we have a great episode on investing in the cannabis space, episodes on artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency, and episodes featuring Daniel Kahneman and Jordan Peterson.

This week I will send out my favorite Business, Sports, The Rest, and Books episodes from 4Q18. In case you are a new subscriber who missed my lists from the 3Q18, you can view them here: Business | Sports | The Rest | Books

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  • The Meb Faber Show: #133 — Todd Harrison — Humanity Has Had a 30,000 Year Relationship with Cannabis. Todd Harrison is the Founding Partner and Chief Investment Officer at CB1 Capital and one of the most knowledgable people on the cannabis space. They discuss some generalities about cannabinoids, the governments attitudes towards the space, why he believes this is the best risk/return he’s seen, his investment approach right now, and even some specific stock picks with 14 minutes left in the episode. [December 12, 2018–50 minutes] iTunes Podcast| Overcast | Stitcher | Website Link
  • Superinvestors: #26: Erik Townsend On The Intersection Of Distributed Ledger Technology And Global Macro Investing. Guest Erik Townsend is a retired software engineer from MIT who is now a hedge fund manager. His background in both gives him unique insight into cryptocurrencies and bitcoin, which he discusses in this episode and his new book, Beyond Blockchain: The Death of the Dollar and the Rise of Digital Currency. I think this is a must listen to anyone who is interested in crypto. [December 5, 2018–1 hour, 10 minutes] iTunes Podcast| Overcast | Stitcher | Website Link
  • This Week In Startups: E882: OpenAI Co-founder & CTO Greg Brockman. OpenAI is a non-profit AI research company, focused on discovering and enacting the path to safe artificial general intelligence, with investors/backers like Elon Musk and Reid Hoffman. Brockman has a unique perspective on AI, where it is, and where it can go from here. He talks about the mission behind the company and it’s backers, deep learning, and how gaming and GPU’s really helped AI move forward. [December 7, 2018–1 hour, 23 minutes] iTunes Podcast| Spotify| Overcast | Stitcher | Website Link
  • Planet MicroCap: Ep. 78 — What is ‘Intrinsic Investing’ and Emerging Moat Businesses with, President & CIO of Ensemble Capital. Stannard-Stockton is the President and Chief Investment Officer of Ensemble Capital and author of This episode is about Stockton’s investment process, which may be a surprise based on the name of the podcast, but he does not focus on microcap stocks. He mainly focuses on intrinsic value investing and does a great job of giving examples of what he and his team specifically look for in companies. He also talks about why his writing helped clients stay the course through the 2008 financial crisis, which I thought was very insightful. [December 4, 2018–1 hour] iTunes Podcast| Overcast | Stitcher | Website Link

The Rest

  • The TED Interview: Daniel Kahneman wants you to doubt yourself. Here’s why. Kahneman is a nobel prize winning behavioral economist and author of the best seller Thinking, Fast and Slow. He begins with his background & what unique life experience helped him decide he wanted to go into behavioral economics, gives advice on how to deal with our biases, reviews Systems I & II which he discusses in his book. [December 11, 2018–42 minutes] iTunes Podcast| Spotify| Overcast | Stitcher | Website Link
  • The Joe Rogan Experience: #1208 — Jordan Peterson. Peterson is a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto and author of the best selling book 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos. His episode with Rogan is very philosophical and and they cover a lot of topics: political thoughts, how to succeed in life, his book tour, and more. [November 29, 2018–3 hours] iTunes Podcast| Overcast | Stitcher | Website Link
  • The Daily: The Business of Selling Your Location. The NY Times came out with a terrifying article on how our phones are tracking our location through our apps. They came across a data-set that they used to track even the mayor of NYC go to his favorite YMCA from his home. Another person had their location pinged over 14,000 times in a single day. The episode makes you realize how much we are being tracked and analyzed. [December 10, 2018–23 minutes] iTunes Podcast| Spotify| Overcast | Stitcher | Website Link
  • The Jolly Swagmen: #61: The Three Big Lies Poisoning Young Minds — Jonathan Haidt. The first 12 minutes of the episode features the hosts playing clips from stories that are covered in Haidt’s most recent book, The Coddling of the American Mind: How Good Intentions and Bad Ideas Are Setting Up a Generation for Failure, which received the most votes for book of the year on Bloomberg’s list. Haidt talks about where the idea for the book came from, the 3 “untruths” that that college students have learned from their parents, and where students came to believe that ideas can be dangerous, not just right or wrong. The episode is the best I’ve heard with Haidt and a good primer on the book. [December 13, 2018–1 hour, 4 minutes] iTunes Podcast| Spotify| Overcast | Stitcher | Website Link




Here to bring you podcast suggestions. Twitter → @colby__donovan

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Colby Donovan

Colby Donovan

Here to bring you podcast suggestions. Twitter → @colby__donovan

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